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firing back, government, religious and military leaders are speaking out this morning. they want a florida pastor to stop a plan to burn the koran september 11th. what the pastor is saying this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us for "news 4 today," i'm eun yang. >> i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs, it is wednesday, september 8th, 2010. 76 degrees, 6:00 a.m. on the dot. tom kierein joining us. yesterday a taste of summer, this weekend perhaps a taste of fall? >> beginning by this time tomorrow morning, we'll be right back down into the 50s. so fall-like weather returning. it is going to be another warm day. right now ahead of a weak front we do have a few sprinkles that have been passing through loudoun county just now coming into northern montgomery county
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near sugar loaf and it may hold together and of move through pools vlt and towards damascus in another 20 minutes or so. a few sprinkles in western loudoun county and northern culpepper county. these are all drifting to the east and tending to dry out as they move east. we probably aren't going to see much in the way of any rain. we have an increased fire danger as a result of the parched conditions. 74 in washington, it's a balmy morning, 70 shenandoah valley and low 70s montgomery, arlington and fairfax. we'll clear out this afternoon with a blustery northwest wind and the wind will diminish tomorrow and we'll have the temperatures cooler with highs in the 70s and more of the same on friday and saturday with diminished winds. ashley, good morning, how's the traffic? >> we just had delays on 95 heading northbound from the prince william parkway. now we have an incident.
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as ult can see it's along the side of the road there along the far left side. center of the screen is the hov and they get beyond the issue no problem. hop in those if you can. if you are in the main line you are looking at significant delays. capitol beltway still gets a clean bill of health. you do pick up a little bit of company through silver spring, but mostly on the maryland side of things, delays from 109 heading for the truck scales. by the time you meet up with father hurley, the tail lights are heading down through the beltway and no problems through the bethesda area. it is a controversy that is fueling protest around the world. a florida church pastor planning to burn the koran on september 11th. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton joins the white house and religious and military leaders in urging the pastor to cancel plans to burn the muslim holy book. kimberly suiters has details.
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>> good morning, eun. the head of that tiny church of just 50 members called the dof world outreach center is now carrying a gun on his hip for his protection after receiving more than 100 death threats for statements like these. >> we are going to have an international burn a koran day. >> if people should lose their life, that would be tragic, still, i must say that we feel that we must sooner or later stand up to islam. >> those kinds of messages from that pastor have led to demonstrations in kabul, afghanistan, they are angry about the planned burning the holy book and denouncing the u.s. by burning flags and he have gees to the pastor. and also the church has posted anti-muslim slogans on the internet. the goal according to the church leader, shock the world into focus. u.s. military leader as
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enreligious leaders condemn the pastoran pastor's planning, calling it un-american. the safety of soldiers and si civilians would be put in jeopardy and the mission would be made for difficult. >> we think these are provocative acts. they are disrespectful and intolerant. they are divisive. >> the threatened burning of copies of the holy koran this saturday is a particularly lly egregious offense. >> to those who do this, you bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> those comments made in washington at an emergency summit of christian jewish and muslim leaders condemning the church plan. very few americans support anti-muslim activities. in the meantime pastor jones has been denied a bonfire permit.
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>> kimberly, thank you. president obama will mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks here in washington. the white house says president obama will attend the memorial service at the pentagon. he also spoke at the pentagon's reremembrance ceremony last year. first lady michelle obama will travel to pennsylvania marking the crash of united flight 93. federal investigators looking into a threatening message in the bathroom of a thai airways airplane. the passengers were taken off and rescreened at a security terminal. at this point officials have not released what the message said. >> the man accused of shooting at a bethesda woman is in a pennsylvania jail this morning. joshua prince turned himself over to police in pennsylvania yesterday.
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that's about 50 miles north of harrisburg. officers say he fired at his ex-girlfriend in the garage of a bethesda complex where they both live. the woman noz not hurt. she filed a protective order against him last week. this morning police are looking for the man who stole several guns in a home invasion in the 5200 block of dos dors et avenue. a man knocked on the back door and forced his way in. he stole four guns an ammunition before taking off. three people, including a 101-year-old manwise inside at the time. they are all okay. a body recovered off the coast of ocean city has been identified as amissing man from the district. delgado was swimming when a rip current swept him away. coast guard crews called off the search. the delaware tv station says it
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was discovered off the shore and the medical examiner determined it was in fact delgado. police in howard county believe a woman found dead in a burned out apartment was dead before the fire started. report of a fire when they got there, they found the body of a woman in her 30s. they also found a man suffering from undetermined injuries. police believe his injuries also happened before the fire started. police are now looking into the possibility that it may stepped from a domestic dispute. at this point the victim's names have not been released. breaking news right now, d.c. police are currently on the scene of a barricade situation on n street in southwest d.c. there is a command post that has shut down half street in that area. we have a crew heading in that direction and we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it in. more than 80 fires in a matter of hours. what sparked this chaos in a major u.s. city?
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♪ ra raooh la la >> goo goo for gaga, fans of lady gaga took over china town. she performed at the verizon center. one of our producers was in attendance and he says the concert was dramatic. >> look at all of little monsters out there. >> i heard she puts on amazing show. an amazing show. >> it's worth the cost of the ticket. and look at that. not only do you get a show on the stage, but right there in the audience. >> yes, you do. hey, tom. >> and she opens up her arms and says take my picture, i want to be famous and she's not famous yet. >> you've been to a show? >> not yet. >> this morning we do have much needed sprinkles falling out of our sky. that's good news.
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but not doing much to help the drought that is ongoing where you see the little fleks of blue moving into northern montgomery and east of there, a few isolated sprinkles. it's a mild morning, few clouds coming through. we're in the 70s through the atlantic beaches. 74 in washington and highs in the 80s today. the wind will increase the fire danger and we'll be dry all the way into saturday with highs in the 70s. morning lows in the 50s with sunshine back. a look at sunday into next week in ten minutes. how's the traffic? >> this early morning we do have a couple of trouble spots for you. out of maryland it is volume you'll encounter from 109 to the truck scales and germantown the pace opens up. we have it by 118 then towards the beltway, no major issues, but this is about the pace you're looking at. taking the trip into virginia, the issue will be just after the
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aqua quan on the approach to route 1. you lose the two left lanes. we had jammed conditions before the incident so this is adding to the delays. the hov are flying past this accident and no marc train delays to report at this point. craig and eun, back to you. it's now 6:13. 75 degrees. president obama's new plan to turn around the economy. find out who will be seeing a tax cut and who won't. the d krmt mayor's race is heating up, the difference you may see at the poll
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breaking news, reports of a possible sex assault in fairfax county. let's go to kimberly suiters with the details. >> this information is just coming into the newsroom from the fairfax county police department. this possible sexual assault happened early this morning when a jogger found a woman who claimed she been assaulted. this is from the franconia area
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at the intersection of franconia and la vista drive. a jogger coming along, finds a woman who says she's been sexually assaulted. this jogger then notifies police. we do know the police are canvassing the area. we haven't heard from police whether the attacker has been caught. presumably that person is at large. again, fairfax county police in the franconia area looking for an attacker after a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted there. we'll let you know what happens as a result of this investigation. eun, back to you. >> kimberly, thank you. >> we're also following a developing story in colorado. firefighters continue to work through the night, trying to contain a massive wildfire that's destroyed more than 90 homes and buildings. the fire broke out monday morning in boulder county, colorado and it's been burning out of control ever since. the governor of colorado declared a state of emergency in more than 3,000 have been forced to leave their homes. officials at this point are investigating reports that the
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fire started when a car ran into a propane tank. >> mean while, fire destroyed at least two dozen homes in detroit as well. more than 80 fires were reported in the neighborhood tuesday afternoon. strong winds fanned the flames. the fires may have started when dead tree limbs fell across power lines. at this point no injuries have been reported. bp will release its first official report into what led to the massive oil leak in the gulf. the company will make public its own internal findings into the april 20th explosion later this morning. 11 rig workers died and more than 4 million barrels of oil spewed into the gulf. bp's report comes as the fbi begins to inspect the failed blowout preventer brought up from the sea floor over the weekend. president obama will travel to ohio to once again pitch his plans for rescuing the economy. his main point will be his proposal to let the bush tax
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cuts expire for the weathery, affect individuals earning over $200,000 a year. the president wants to create $2 billion in business tax breaks. that would allow small businesses to write off capitol investment, giving them more cash to hire workers of the on monday he laid out another plan to spend $50 million on transportation projects. president obama may have to find himself a new chief of staff if rahm emanuel plans to run for governor of chicago. emanuel said it's no secret that he would like to run some day. at this point he said he would work for daly's re-election if he were to run again. daly announced he would not be seeking a second term. we're less than one week away from the d krmt mayor's primary. instead of heating up, the two main candidates are asking some of their supporters to cool down. campaign workers for adrian
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fenty and vincent gray have clashed at polling sites. in one incidents they accuse the other side of spitting. gray has suggested that more police may be needed to keep polling police under control. d.c. police are reviewing security with the board of elections. the anacostia water front is getting a major facelift. crews will transform the old navy yard into a major mixed used development called the yard. they unveiled the plans for the brand-new $42 million river front park. it will include residential, retail, office space and bike and walking trails. albert haynesworth's days as a redskin may be numbered. they are in talks to take him back to the tennessee titans where he started his career.
6:20 am
haynesworth and coach shanahan have not seen eye to eye. haynesworth is the highest paid player, has already collected $32 million since he signed a $100 million contract before last season. >> those redskins gearing up for the big game at fedex against the cowboys and we may seen rain for the game? >> it does appear the rain chances are going to be ending as the day goes on. it's a sunday night game so the chances of rain are very small for the game on sunday. big game coming up for the weekend. we need rain though. right now on radar, we are seeing a few sprinkles now in west central county and one sprinkle activity coming out of loudoun has dried out as it headed east. it's a balmy morning, partly cloudy and we are about 25 minutes away from sunrise. it's in the low to mid-70s
6:21 am
throughout the region. we'll have a gusty northwest wind that will be blustery, maybe up to 30 miles an hour or so. then tonight, clear, cool tomorrow morning in the 50s, afternoon highs 70s. 70s again on friday and saturday. and we might get a shower sunday morning through midday then clearing out after that as we start off next week. ashley, how's the traffic now? >> we have a broken water main out of northeast. you'll find that eastern is shut down between bladensburg and northeastern avenue. just approaching route 1 in woodbridge, two left lanes were blocked due to accident activity. it appears they are in the clearing stages but delays are still there. heavy from the prince william parkway and off and on the breaks into newington, hov will save a great deal of time. making your way towards montgomery village, no major accidents on the way.
6:22 am
on and off the brakes and this is the pace you're looking at the entire stretch. >> think you can pass the written part of the driver's test right now? wait until you hear how many americans would fail. an important safety alert for parents with young children. how safe is your child when strapped into a booster sheet. new taxes bob mcdonnell will unveil today.
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leader consumer group is giving you the green right to buys a dozen models. they release results from crash tests involving 72 different booster seats. 22 models will be rated as best bets, seven are rated good bets. a year ago nine were good bets and six were best bets. how well do you know the rules of the road? eun yang? a new study sho one in five drivers could not pass a written driving test if they had to take it today. that's about 38 million americans. gma c polled drivers and 73% did not know the safe following distance. 85% of those surveyed did not know what to do at the yellow traffic light.
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some marked to go through unless it's red. >> i've been behind lots of folks who would fail that test. >> is that right? >> i've been behind you on the road. >> don't even start with me. 6:26, reports of a possible sex assault this morning. we'll up date you on that and also what the pastor of a florida church is saying about the planned koran burning. >> what should be allowed on government property? a debate about the separation of church and state heats up today church and state heats up today in north vi just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one
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religion and politics, the debate over the separation of church and state will take center stage in northern virginia. >> koran controversy, government leaders try to turn up the pressure on the florida pastor planning a koran burning this weekend. good morning and thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> glad to have you with us, i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs, it's september 8th, 2010. let's look outside, favorite part of the morning, 74 degrees, you can see the sun off in the distance starting to peek through the clouds. a little warmer than the past few days. >> off to a mild start.
6:30 am
we had some clouds acting like a blan ket holding in the warmth from yesterday. we were about 15 minutes from sunrise on this wednesday morning. and things are parched around our region. we have a fire danger but we are getting at least a few sprinkles this morning. there's one limb tiny shower just south of montgomery county, about to drift off to the east, maybe right near germantown and gaithersburg in the next few minutes, but it's drying as it heads off to the east. we have temperatures in the 70s all around the region from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. much cooler weather in the midwest, that will be arriving here by this time tomorrow morning. over the last 12 hours, this front has been producing a few showers west of the appalachians but they've tended to dissipate as they've headed off to the east. later today, a clearing sky and blustery northwest wind and highs reaching the 80s and 50s
6:31 am
tomorrow morning. we'll a bit of a blustery wind on thursday. highs upper 70s and a bit cooler friday and sunny and more of the same on saturday with a few clouds around. let's check traffic for the wednesday morning. how is it looking now? >> goodness gracious, shaping up to be a pretty nasty wednesday. let's look at the roadways, it's involve that we've got on the inner loop leaving college park through silver spring, that's the pace out of virginia. we have big problems, 95 heading northbound. the issue was route 1 blocking two left lanes, the accident activity has been cleared. what we're left with are these delays from the prince william parkway and center of the screen is the hovs that are wide open. we've also got delays as you travel along 66 in the eastbound direction. you pick up the volume from this point, route 50 heading towards 123 then the capitol beltway inside the beltway through falls church into arlington, the pace does improve. you do have some relief in
6:32 am
sight. back to you. breaking news right now, a report of a sex assault early this morning. let's go to kimberly suiters who is following development. >> we have a little bit more information right nouxt fairfax county police say a potential sexual assault happened before 4:30 in the morning. a female jogger found a female victim who said she needed help. that female victim has been taken to the hospital. her presumed attacker is at large. franconia road and la vista drive is where the attack happened. fairfax county police are there and had he to block off the right lane of franconia road. if you're coming around la vista drive, right lane is shut down for a fairfax county police investigation. she is in the hospital this morning, her attacker is presumed to be at large.
6:33 am
kimberly, thank you. more breaking news right now in the district. police are currently on the scene of a barricade situation. this is on n street in southwest d.c., half street is also shut down right now. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you an update as soon as we can get it. it's christmas that is the talk of the town in loudoun county. today county board of supervi r supervisors will vote on whether to allow holiday displays on the lawn of the courthouse. it has raged on for ten months now. tracee wilkins joins frus leesburg with the details on that. >> reporter: good morning, the committee charged with overseeing the courthouse grounds, they say this all happened, the debate between church and state, as a way to try to protect the courthouse grounds. what started out as one or two groups starting displays, that was fine, when they got too many, they felt it was time to stop it all together. >> here in the middle of summer, i'm finding out that we're
6:34 am
attacking christmas again. >> it's a battle that's been going on since last christmas. should religious displays be banned from the courthouse grounds. last night residents for and against the banning let the board of supervisors now how they felt. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religious or private property. when are we going to stop and recognize the lord? that's the reason we're here. >> personally i don't feel like god needs and dog and pony show. but on the other hand, if you can turn a profit on this, well boo ya to you. last year a panel recommended ending the tradition after allowing folks to put up holiday displaced. it caused an uproor locally and got national attention. >> when you can get the aclu and ken cuccinelli agreeing on something, you may wonder is the end of the world near. but you don't have to ask is it
6:35 am
constitutional or responsibility. >> reporter: the board of super vicers will weigh in on this debate today at 9:30 a.m. tracee wilkins, back to you. virginia governor bob mcdonnell changed the commonwealth's rules on who can get a driver's license. he's directed dmvs to longer accept federal employment authorization cards as a form of legal res deps, a grand jury indicted carlos monday tan no with the death of a nun. he crashed into a car with three nuns inside. one died and the others were badly injured. felony murder kmarnlg charge is the most serious ever brought in a drunk driving case, they say the charge is warranted because the dui was his third. the man accused of shooting at a bethesda woman is in a pennsylvania jail in morning.
6:36 am
joshua prince fired at his ex-girlfriend in the garage of a bethesda apartment complex where they both live then he took off. the woman was not hurt. she filed a protective order against him last week. >> this morning police are looking for the man who stole several guns in a home invasion in the a5200 block of dors et avenue. police say a man knocked on the back door then forced his way in and stole four guns and ammo before taking off. three people, including a 101-year-old man were inside at the time. they are all fine. a body recovered off the coast of ocean city has just been identified as a missing man from the district. 23-year-old malik delgado was swimming when a rip current swept him away. after searching for several days coast guard crews called off the search. a tv station is reporting a body was discovered by a boater 16 miles offshore this week. the medical examiner later
6:37 am
determined it was delgado. police in howard county are looking into a woman's death was the result of a domestic dispute if the 6000 block of majors lane for the report of a fire. when they arrived, they found the body of a woman in her 30s. they also found a man suffering from undetermined injuries. police believe the injures occurred before the fire started. and new developments in the ground zero mosque controversy. what the man behind the mosque had to say in an op-ed piece. the new turn signal that will release congestion at a busy intersection but also taking away parking spaces as well. 74 degrees, a beautiful morning out there, but a little warmer as well. still going to be a nice day. tom will have the forecast after this. stay with us. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price,
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time for weather and traffic on this wednesday morning. we have a few clouds coming through and they did produce a few sprinkles just about a half hour ago in loudoun county and northern montgomery county. a few sprinkles remaining from here darnstown to germantown.
6:41 am
they are tending to dry as they go. a few sprinkles near charlott charlottesville. we're in the 70s all around the region. 74 in washington, highs today in the 80s, breezy as we clear out. cool weather thursday into saturday. this early morning we've got delays and a lot of them. 66 in the eastbound direction, heavy and steady in manassas towards centerville. the delays will stretch over towards the capitol beltway. making the trip around the beltway itself, the outer loop getting very low, leaving college park. 95 heading northbound right now, we did have the accident cleared but it's jammed as you leave the prince william parkway. and into springfield, the pace starts to lighten up. off and on the breaks as you continue along northbound 95, no problems to and across the 14th. back to you. >> ashley, thank you.
6:42 am
6:42 is your time, coffee prices getting ready to take off. who is raising prices 10 to 15%. >> the florida pastor planning to burn the koran this weekend.
6:43 am
6:44 am
we're following breaking news where police are on the scene of a barricade situation. elaine reyes has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, we're at the intersection of 0 and half street southwest. one block from national stadium. you can probably see np democratd on the scene. they have several streets closed off from canal and half streets between o and n streets southwest. you can probably make out some officers standing near in front of the front door of a home right there.
6:45 am
we can also tell you that within the last few minutes, we've seen s.w.a.t. team members walking around the neighborhood as if they are searching for somebody or at least patrolling the area. we can tell you that there are several officers in s.w.a.t. uniforms in the area just monitoring the situation. we don't really know exactly who is causing all of this and why. but this all started just after 6:00 this morning. and there is a huge police presence in this area. once we get more information, eun, we'll pass it along to you. avoid south capitol between half and canal streets if you can. >> elaine reyes, in southwest washington, we'll check in with you in just a bit. thanks for the update. >> it's a controversy that's fueling protests around the world. a florida church pastor planning
6:46 am
to burn the koran on september 11th. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton joins the white house and religious and military leaders in urging the pastor to cancel plans to burn the muslim holy book. kimberly suiters has been following the story and joins us live with details. >> secretary clinton calling it disgraceful and bigoted and asking for a commitment to religious tolerance and mute ool understanding an reflection during the holy month of ramadan. a pastor who has made statements like these. >> we're going to have a international burn a koran day. if people should lose their life, that would be tragic, we must sooner or later stand up to islam. >> demonstrators are so angry about the planned holy book burning, they denounced the u.s.
6:47 am
and burned flags. the church has posted anti-muslim statements on the internet and advertised a koran burning in front of their church on the anniversary of 9/11, the goal is to shock the world into focus. religious leaders and top officials in the administration condemn the plan, calling it un-american. petraeus says the it would make the soldier's mission at risk. >> they are intolerant. they are divisive. >> the threatened burning of copies of the holy koran this saturday is a particularly egregious offense that implies the strongest condemnation. >> to those who do this, you
6:48 am
bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> polls do suggest that very few americans support anti-muslim activities and in the meantime, the pastor has been denied a bonfire permit. craig, back to you. kimberly, thanks. the imam behind a proposed islamic center, says the facility will have separate prayer sections. the imam writes it goes to the core of american values under debate, tolerance and freedom of worship. he said it was critical that americans not back away from completing the project and also said the very word islam comes from the word similar to shal om which means peace in hebrew. we'll get the rest of the story on how president obama plans to rescue our flaling economy.
6:49 am
he'll propose letting the bush tax cuts expire, affect individuals earning more than $200,000 and couples earning more $250,000. the president wants to create $200 billion in business tax breaks, allowing small businesses to write off capital investment which should give them more cash to hire workers. he laid out plan to spend $50 billion on transportation projects. this morning the first of many reports about the gulf oil disaster will be released and this one comes from an internal bp investigation. courtney reagan is live now to tell us what's expected. good morning to you. good morning. fls a lot of questions that many people would like to be answered and bp is expected to publish result of its internal probe since the april 20th explosion of the deepwater horizon rig. the wall street journal says the company will spread the blame for the accident. bp operated the well but it was owned by trans ocean and
6:50 am
halliburton did the cement work. they'll explain why engineers missed key signs. your morning cup of joe will cost more. green mountain roasters is kicking up prices 10 to 15%. they say costs have gone up for coffee beans and packaging and shipping. prices for green coffee bean have jump to a third to $1.90 a pound. burger king is expanding its breakfast menu as it looks to take morning sales from mcdonald's, they are adding nine items, including blue berry biscuits and pancake matters. the number two fast food chain served breakfast since 1979 but making it a big focus now. 25% of mcdonald's sales. breakfast is a big part of everyone's lives in d.c.
6:51 am
sounds fancy. >> i know, doesn't it. bob mcdonnell is expected to unveil a plan to impose a 4% tax on bars and restaurants, including 1.5 on all stores and restaurants that sell liquor and 2.5% on the overall annual saelsz. the money raised would make up for the money lost if the state privatizes its liquor sales. together he believes the changes could bring in $260 million a year. >> 6:51 is our time now. time for traffic and weather on the ones. >> what are we looking at today? >> mild temperatures once again this morning. it's going to feel a little like summer today. but it's going to feeling more autumnal as we get into this time tomorrow morning. we'll be down into the 50s. the radar is showing a few sprinkles in northern montgomery coun county, they have generally been
6:52 am
dissipating. and in western howard county, a few other sprinkles farther to the south showing up in northern culpepper county and down towards charlottesville. under the partly cloudy sky we're in the 70s from the shenandoah valley all the way to atlantic beaches. low 70s prince george's and arlington and montgomery county and will hold steady in the 70s for another couple of hours. we'll warm up quickly by noontime. there's a small chance of a few sprinkles for students waiting at the bus stop. we'll be at the low to mid 70s for a couple of hours. increasing sunshine this afternoon with a blustery northwest wind. we'll hit the mid and upper 80s briefly and then the 60s and upper 50s by dawn tomorrow under a clear sky. another day tomorrow with a bit of a blustery wind. highs in the upper 70s with sunshine. sunny on friday and diminished winds and afternoon highs in the mid-70s. on saturday, partly sunny and
6:53 am
afternoon highs in the upper 70s. moisture coming through on sunday, may give us showers. looks like mainly in the morning through midday and drying out for sunday night. back to work monday and tuesday with seasonal temperatures. ashley linder, how's our traffic? >> shaping up tore an interesting morning. dulles toll road, accident activity before spring dale has been moved over to the shoulder but it's going to be heavy towards hunter mill. as you can see here over the top of 2 no problems. the capitol beltway is jammed up the the outer loop is looking very heavy. on 95 sout of virginia, the earlier issue has long since been cleared but we are looking at significant delays as you make your way northbound. here's the pace through lorton where it lightens up briefly. back to you. the next time you drive
6:54 am
through georgetown, you may notice a big change at one of busiest intersections. on n street you can make the left turn on wisconsin avenue. nine parking spaces on m street were eliminated and a bus stop was relocated to make room for the change. they say the change was made at the request of residents and kmupt leaders. we have breaking news, a report of a sex assault in fairfax county. kimberly suiters has been following this story if the newsroom. >> good morning. fairfax county police in franconia this morning and la vixta drive, they are searching for an attacker. a woman says she was sexually assaulted this morning. this is the area, franconia road and la vista drive, the right lane of franconia road is closed right now as police investigate early reports are around 4:30 this morning a female jogger found another woman who said shed been sexually assaulted.
6:55 am
the victim was taken to an area hospital. that attacker is presumably still on the loose this morning. fairfax county police are searching for him that the hour. back to you in the studio. more breaking news now. police are on the scene of a barricade situation in southwest washington. let's go to elaine reyes with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're in southwest. can you see national stadium here right behind me. we are situated at the intersection of half street and o street southwest looking down half street, you can see a police presence with some sort of barricade situation located at n street southwest. this has been going on for about an hour and a half now. npd has closed off several streets in the area and put the tape up and the s.w.a.t. team is here with a command centered on canal street. we don't know who they are looking for and why the
6:56 am
situation happened, but we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. >> any traffic problems yet? i see people walking around the neighborhood. >> reporter: not yet. there are some metro buses that stop in this area, people are trying to figure out where to get on. south capitol street, the next maj are intersection is totally open. it's the side streets that are shut down. otherwise, there are ways to get around it. >> thanks so much for that update. final check on the forecast here mr. kierein. what's the word? >> few clouds producing sprinkles but they'll be dissipated. we are parched and it's going to be a blustery winds gusting to 30 miles ab hour this afternoon and into tonight. tomorrow still a bit blustery and sunny but cooler, afternoon highs upper 70s and more of the same on friday and saturday but diminished winds. then sunday could get showers mainly in the morning through midday and dry for the skins
6:57 am
game and dry back to work school monday and tuesday. eun and craig? >> following a lot of breaking news. we will update you in about 27 minutes at 7:25. that's it for "news 4 today." >> the "today" show is next m. y we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. until then, have a great day. hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever.
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